TECDRIVE, since its inception in 2008, has been exclusively dedicated to training drivers in all areas and for all levels.

Concern for safety has led us to create course programs to cover all the training needs of a driver.

We are passionate about motors, and we enjoy passing on all our driving knowledge to our customers. This has led us to carry out driving courses for different groups of professionals, both from the public and private sectors, to competition drivers, to drivers who want to improve safety, to companies concerned about the emissions of their vehicle fleets, to lovers of nature and 4×4, to travelers who want to discover other continents on board their vehicles and we have been lucky enough to work for top brands in the automotive sector. Always with a common denominator, enjoying driving and at the same time improving the technical abilities of the students.


The TECDRIVE monitor team is our most valuable asset.

All our instructors are professionals in the teaching sector, trained to provide the best service to our clients and transmit their experience in the most appropriate way for each driver.

His passion for motors, and his desire to teach, means that in each training, in each activity we carry out, the final result is success.

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