Calafat Circuit

Located in l’Hospitalet de l’Infant, Tarragona, the Calafat driving circuit offers us an ideal setting for carrying out driving courses.

We have an adapted classroom with audio-visual media to carry out theoretical presentations.

The Calafat sliding track offers us a degree of grip similar to that of a dirt road when it is dry, and when wet we get close to the grip of ice or hard snow. Equipped with a sprinkler system, it allows us to wet the track at will.


Traveling School

We have the necessary structure to carry out driving courses anywhere in Spain.

We have sprinkler systems, sliding tarps, tents and all the necessary material to be able to carry out training in safe driving or efficient driving on a paved surface anywhere on the peninsula.

This allows us to reduce training costs and travel time for your teams, being able to carry out training in your own company.

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