Product training

The launch of a new model or equipment is a challenge for your sales network.

Our experience and knowledge of the sector make us your best ally to transmit these news to your entire team.

We have worked with different brands carrying out both theoretical and practical product training, ensuring that the sales teams are experts who know their products and motivating sellers to launch the brand’s new products on the market.

Our experience has taught us that the best way to form teams is by combining product tests with theoretical training. At TECDRIVE we help you in the creation of teaching material, product testing, training rooms, logistics and accommodation for attendees.

Activities for clients

When you have a good product, the best advertising is to get your customers to test drive your cars.

We put our knowledge at your disposal to carry out product demonstrations or driving schools aimed at your clients, working on the brand image and enhancing the qualities of your vehicles.

We work on both launch actions and customer loyalty, with actions on speed circuits or unique spaces, achieving a bond with your customers beyond the commercial action.

Contact us so we can prepare a product training proposal adapted to your needs.

Contact our schools and start raising your driving level

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